Family Updates

I thought I would write a little update on family events.
Carl is slowly getting over his croup. He missed has last classes through Parks and Rec. He also stayed home from Weight Watchers with a friend. He coughs when he gets too active plus I do not want him to give this to other kids. He was really bummed about missing his classes and friends. It is really cool to see him start to make friendships. In one class there was a boy he liked to play with, another a girl and at Weight Watchers, another boy.
We have been working on his little Cars collection. He earns the cars by completing something that he has been having trouble with. So far we are working on lots of things. The only activity we are still having a major problem with is toilet training.
Cute Carl story – we took a friend (Misako) to the airport yesterday. She and I had been talking to him about when we were doing and where we were taking her and where she was going (Japan). When we got into the car, he conked out promptly and didn’t wake up until I pulled into the driveway. The first thing out of his mouth – in amazement was. "Where’s Misako?"
Grandma is doing well. She is off the meds that were making her so tired all the time, so she is doing the best since her heart problems started. She has energy, can hear and is happy. It is sad that it may only last a few months.
I am having surgery on my knee later this week. I reinjured it on Sunday so I am glad I am doing this. Carl is staying with my Dad and step mom through this little adventure.
We are now waiting for Rich’s grades for the last term. It is still a very happy thing that he passed his first comprehensive on the first try.
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