Two other good articles – Composting and Weight Loss

There are two more good articles that have come my way:
Kym Pokorny of the Oregonian has written a great overview for composting.
She includes lists what to compost and what not to compost. On her list of Don’ts were invasive weeds and weeds with seed heads. I am showing this to my mom. She insisted on putting some of her compost on her tomato plants in our yard one year, bringing us a nasty new weed.
Hopefully I will be able to screen the compost we have for the new plants this spring and use the article for the basis of the next years batch.
The next article I found on the Weight Watchers message board:
It is called "Why the Scale Lies" and it talks about why your weight can shift hour by hour within a day or day to day within the week.
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