Looking up

My attitude is much better today. My knee is feeling a lot better, and I am back on the weightloss track.
Two things helped with the weightloss attitude. One neighbor mentioned how I was inspiring the block to get in shape and called me skinny (it has been a while since that has happened.) The other was my stepbrother called to let me know he had started Weight Watchers (3 weeks and lost I think 12 lbs) and wanted some advice. Both these conversations really helped with the 18 point life I am currently leading.
My husband did a real absent minded professor thing this week. Monday were the comprehensives for his PhD program (physics.) He has been preparing for them for a while. He took the day off work and asked for some special foods for his lunch. He got up early and drove to the university early to do final preparations. Forty-five minutes before the test is to start I got a call, he had forgotten his calculator, would I please drive it in to town? So Carl and I rush around getting clothes on and finding the calculators. We are driving into downtown at the height of rush hour – not fun. Surprisingly it didn’t take us too long. Rich was waiting at the agreed spot on the street for me with a fat free Latte – what a guy.
I heard from the pathologist – I will need surgery. I am thinking of getting a second opinion. I also had to reschedule Carl’s dental work – he has the tale end of a cold.
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