Weigh In Results

My weigh in was not a happy experience. Even though I cut my points a little, I was still up .2 pounds. Granted that wasn’t much, but it was discouraging. I just wanted to go home, my knee was hurting and I wasn’t happy, but I figured that was when I needed to stay.
Carl had a good time. He is starting to make friends there – there are three other boys about the same age, as well as many other little kids at the meeting. I like seeing him make friends.
I bought some of the Fiber One bars – chocolate of course. They are good – really chocolatey. They are going to be an addition to my weekly purchases.
So I am resolved that I will need to cut my daily points a little more, and be even more careful with my eating since there isn’t much activity I can participate in. I also need to research what I can do to help mend my knee. I still haven’t heard from my doctor.
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