Hippity Hop to the Doctor’s Shop

I was able to get to a doctor yesterday for my knee. Since driving my car doesn’t really work, mom had to take me. Mom, Grandma, Rich and I all use GPs out of the same office. This is one of those times it came in handy. Grandma had Dr appointments in the afternoon. I explained this to the scheduler and she worked to get me in.
I ended up with a 4:15 appointment, but I had to get there by 2:30 or so because of Grandmas appointments. Mom then took Carl home with her and Grandma. Carl was so good in the waiting room. He ran around a little bit when no one was in our area, then calmed down after a little bit and was happy to sing or listen to a story.
The doctors office was great – they got me seen about 20 minutes early – about three minutes after Mom, Grandma and Carl left. I was out of the appointment before Mom got everyone to her house. Naturally. So then I waited about an hour for Rich to come get me.
The Doctor checked out my knee and didn’t think anything was broken but thought I should go to an orthapedist and use crutches and ibuprofen.
One evening of using crutches had me pretty down. This morning, trying to make a doctors appointment and involve my mother had me in tears. Fortunately I received an email from my friend Susan in Colorado, which really lifted my spirits on the injury and the weight loss.
So I am still hurt, but I am ok.
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