I hurt my knee yesterday. It is not doing better today.
Carl had said it was time to sit on the toilet. I zoomed him to the toilet and got him on it. He asked me read to him. We keep books in the bathroom for this purpose. I was on my knees going through the books when something happened. It hurt and I took it easy the rest of the day. It was swollen by late afternoon.
This morning it is a little more swoller and still hurts. This whole event naturally occurs on a Friday so I have to go through the weekend like this.
What has me so discouraged besides the pain is I was really starting to get into the activity mode – walking the zoo, roller skating and belly dancing. I am going to work on the arm, shoulder and ribcage movements for bellydancing. I also think I will need to reevaluated my daily points until I am more active.
I think I am going to go back to bed a while this morning.
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One Response to Injury

  1. Kim says:

    Hey Leslie! Sorry to hear that you hurt your knee. That really stinks esp. being a weekend and all. Hope it gets better soon. Take it easy till it does though so you don\’t re-injure!
    You are working on bellydancing eh? I have a couple of bellydancing DVDs that I do every once in a while. I have a hard time with the movements. I just can\’t detach myself like the girls in the videos LOL
    I have just started working on tap dancing. I really enjoy that. Didn\’t know if I would. Even got a pair of tap dance shoes now. Love that clicking sound. Haha
    Try to enjoy the rest of your weekend. Take care of that knee!!!!!

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