Mommyland this week

I’ve posted some photos from Sports Class – Carl is really loving it. Rich is getting SOME exercise by participating. It still surprises us how skilled Carl is at soccer. The only thing he dislikes is the slow controlled dribble after a fast dribble. Usually they do a controlled dribble then a fast dribble then a controlled dribble. He doesn’t like doing the second controlled exercise.
With his recent dentist appointments and his upcoming dental work, he is very interested in dentistry. I bought two teeth and dental oriented books during the recent Scholastic book sale through Parks and Rec. He is loving them – they have become his most requested reading. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he says, "a dentist." I am not holding my breath but it would be nice…
Besides classes and the zoo, we tried roller skating this week – Oaks Park has a preschooler program. It was too much fun. Fortunately I went with some new friends. Carl was pretty unsure of himself – fortunately I had help since it was my first time rollerskating in 4 years.
Carl’s language continues to improve. He now uses "me" and "my" correctly. It is no longer "baball" but "basketball." While "tuitar" has gone away, guitars are "lectiwic" or "atoostic." The picture of mommy has worn off his monster truck – I didn’t do it honest – so it is no longer the monster truck with the picture of mommy, but the white monster truck. Anthony Geary still looks like grandpa – this isn’t as funny as I was mistaken for his grandma by a saleswoman. My friend said I showed remarkable restraint in not slapping the woman.
I am working on a email to my niece. I haven’t written her since before Christmas. This is the niece who had the little girl this summer. Around the time I lost the baby, she chose to give up custody of her girl to the baby’s father. I want to let her know I still love her. I can’t imagine having to be in her position. She is a teenager who comes from generations of teenage moms. It is a choice I can’t imagine having to make, the timing is just incredibly painful.
Something similiar occured many years ago. I was pregnant in my early thirties. I didn’t want to be with the father, but I planned on having the baby. I then miscarried. The doctor thought I might not be able to carry a baby to term (they were wrong, yeah!) About the same time a coworker terminated a pregnancy. I never showed it to her, but it was really painful also.
Why do things work out like this?
Feisty Goddess ( had a link to the following blog:
Post partum is rough – even if you are worth millions.
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