Roasted Cauliflower

I roasted some Cauliflower last night – I heard of this at my Weight Watchers meeting and wanted to give it a try.
The recipes had some great ideas, but with Weight Watchers I wanted to use less oil than listed.
1 cup Cauliflower flourets
Olive Oil (in my Pampered Chef sprayer)
lemon pepper
6 garlic cloves
fat free chicken broth (just a few ounces)
1/4 lime
Preheat oven to 400°.
I used a ceramic pie plate. First I poured some broth into the pie plate, just enough to cover the bottom. I added the cauliflower and the whole cloves of garlic. I sprayed them with olive oil and then sprinkled a little salt and lemon pepper. I then squeezed the lime juice on the vegetables.
45 minutes in the oven.
I served this with Pierogies in Mushroom Sauce, baked chicken breast with cajun spices and a stuffed tomato.
I counted 2 points for the cauliflower dish because of the oil.
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