Be Mine

St. Valentine’s Day sure isn’t romantic with busy schedules. It was nice thought because Rich did make some sweet gestures.
I woke up early as usually and went downstairs to make coffee. Rich had a bouquet of red roses and a card waiting for me. He also came home early before I went to class so we could talk for a few minutes. Those little things really made it nice.
I had Carl get his grandparents and great grandparents cards. We also decorated Peep Hearts (found kits at Michaels) and gave them out. Carl also made some valnetines in art class, those are getting mailed to the out of town grandparents with some photos.
We stopped in to visit my grandma. I knew my mom was going to be gone in the afternoon, and I like to try to visit her especially on those das so she isn’t so lonely. Carl had picked out a treat to give her (a Dove Rose) and I found a jigsaw puzzle that might be good. She was really happy to see us and started tearing into the jigsaw puzzle.
I made a pork roast, rosemary potatoes and asparagus for dinner. I ate my veggies before class and my meat and potatoes after class (they weren’t ready before class.) Rich liked the meal too – too bad we couldn’t eat it together.
Yesterday we went to visit my dad and stepmom. Carl had a card for them and Peeps. Judi made heart shaped Gelatin Blocks for Carl, plus they put together a little gift bag for Carl. They also had some new books there – which Carl loved.
Rich received the set of files from Costco, which he had pointed out every time we went there. I also picked up a big bag of his favofite potato chips. He was happy.
Though I would have loved a big romantic dinner out baby free, I really enjoyed this low key Valentines Day.
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