Weigh In Results

Well this weigh in didn’t go too well – I was up .8 lbs. I had a feeling my weight would be up a little (it is at least under a pound!) There were three bad days this week. I can usually loose with one bad day but not three.
I had started thinking about my three bad days. One was a trip to Leonardo’s for pizza, one was a party at Carmen’s and the third was a dinner at a Mexican resturaunt. I also started thinking about what I did wrong and what I could do right.
When I ate at Leonardo’s instead of eating part of Carl’s Mac and Cheese triangles and french fries, I should order a salad.
I started out good at the party. Carmen had healthy foods out. I took a bottle of water. Then I had a glass of wine then lots of cheese and chocolate. So instead of drinking wine I should take a couple of bottles of water when I go to parties. That will probably keep me from eating chocolate and cheese.
Our favorite Mexican restaurant doesn’t have a website, so I can’t plan ahead very well. Things that will help: order milk or drink water instead of a marg (:( sniff. Instead of my favorite chimichanga or other fried thing look at fish tacos or the light menu. Eat a salad instead of chips (another sniff, I will miss these…)
At our weight watchers meeting we were asked for three achievements, three problems and three tips. We never got to the tips in the discussion.
My acheivements I listed were loosing over 36 pounds, fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothing and being able to carry my son on the beach and up to the bridge at Multnomah Falls.
My problems were the three I listed above.
My three tips are:
1. Take 0 point items and develop recipes around them. This is how I came up with many of the sauces like mustard sauce, lime sauce, stuffed tomatoes and the carrot bundles.
2. Drink water before eating. If you stomach rumbles or even if you think you want something to eat, drink a pint of water first.
3. Plan ahead with snacks. I usually pack 10 carrots and a bottle of water before I leave for anywhere.
So I need to think a bit more before we go out to eat or to parties. I also need to get more activities in.
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3 Responses to Weigh In Results

  1. Kim says:

    Aww sorry to hear you didn\’t have a good weigh in but that\’s not bad at all!!! you are still doing great.
    I think I\’ll have a gain this week as its my time and I usually do that week. Argh. Oh well, at least I know it\’s only temporary right Heheee

  2. Tanya says:

    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Valentine\’s Day!

  3. Kim says:


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