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Carole Billingham published some great thoughts in her newsletter this week. Here are her thoughts:
Monday Morning Coach
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Good Morning!
Until I had a child, Valentine’s Day was just another holiday to me. Now though, I get to enjoy reading children’s stories about the many ways we can show people how much we love them by decorating the house with red and pink hearts and baking heart-shaped cookies with lots of frosting and sprinkles. Doing this, has blessed me with a new appreciation for Valentine’s Day and the idea of sharing love with one another.
My 6-year-old daughter enjoys writing little notes covered with tiny hearts that say “I love you.”  A day rarely goes by where I don’t find one of her notes on my bedroom altar or on the sink in the bathroom. She dearly loves to draw and share her feelings of love to those around her.
Imagine what our world would be like if adults were truly comfortable in sharing their feelings of love and appreciation? How wonderful that would be. Imagine sitting down at your desk each Monday morning and finding a note of appreciation from your boss saying how much he/she values you. Or crawling into bed at night and finding a love note from your mate tucked under your pillow.
Although receiving notes is not in the realm of your control, giving them is. How about taking a little time this week to tell people how much you appreciate them?  As you do, stop and notice what a difference it makes in their day and in yours.
Have a giving week!
Quote of the Week
Quote of the Week:  "Pretend that everyone you meet today has a sign around their neck that says, ‘Make me feel important’."
– Mary Kay Ash
Question:  How could you start to acknowledge people more and make them feel more important? Notice what happens to both of you when you do.
Affirmation:  "I feel great as I acknowledge others for the things that make them special."
Copyright 2007, Carole L. Billingham, MCC  All rights reserved.
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Carole’s Latest Book Recommendation
Homeland and Other Stories (Paperback)
by Barbara Kingsolver
Kingsolver manages to capture much of the very essence of the human existence in our culturally and socially backward world (and country).
This is a collection of short stories that each deal with the frustrations that average people face in their desire to lead normal, quiet, decent lives. Frequently, her personages are ‘different’ in some way and their frustrations are compounded in economic, social, cultural and sometimes just personal ways. And the power of persistence, love, and respect is frequently what combats those frustrations. None of these stories are loud and angry, none are suspenseful or thrilling, but each is softly, powerfully moving and thought provoking.
Kingsolver presents her characters in ways that pull in the reader, leaving the reader as an ally, quietly rooting for the protagonist. I always recommend Kingsolver to other readers because she can enlighten you without you even knowing it!
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