Mommyland this week

I have added this week’s artwork to photos. The self portrait was created at home – the others in classes. The projects involved pasting differnt media to construction paper and running toy cars through paint then running them across the paper. Carl still prefers the PlayDoh and sliding and climbing on the little indoor equipment at the room.
This week has been a new experience for both Carl and me. Carl had his first dentist appointment. It did not go well. We were refered to a pediatric dentist. We were able to get an appointment this week also. This time we talked a little about what would be expected and what he would earn by letting the dentist brush his teeth with the special toothbrush and look and his teeth with special tools. Yes I bribed him this time – this one wasn’t cheap – it was a Cranky for his Thomas set.
At the first dentist, he wouldn’t open his mouth except at the end for the dentist. He wouldn’t let anyone put anything in his mouth save a regular toothbrush. It didn’t go well, I started to bribe and threaten – bribe of the new toy and grounding existing toys if he didn’t do it. It was not me, but I also didn’t have problems like this before. After it was all done I was mad at myself and him. I went over to moms. She took Carl for a walk and I talked to Grandma to get focused again.
When I got home, I made the appointment for Carl with the new place. They got the information they needed and were able to get us in quickly. This time we talked about what would happen and what Carl would need to do to earn his Cranky. In preparing for the appointment, I let Carl take two toys we talk again about what would be happening and how he can earn his Cranky. We get there and the waiting room is totally kid friendly. Carl takes to everything there. Unfortunately I get more and more stressed waiting. The receptionist apologizes for the wait – there is a girl in there having trouble and they didn’t want Carl to see it and get worried. They then bring the girl through the waiting room for something – so I try to block Carl from seeing her. He is so entranced by the rocket game he barely notices her.
The dentist comes out and talkes to me. We talk about how to handle Carl if he won’t cooperate and various options available. We finally get in and he is great. He is nervous about being in the chair by himself so I sit in the chair and he sits on my lap. They have a TV in ceiling so we watch Higglytown Heroes. He is a trooper. We then have to take xrays. He sits in the chair by himself and holds still. Ok still for a 3 year old. We made it through unscathed hurrah! Both of us are happy. Carl will get his Cranky and I get to find out how much damage is already in his mouth.
The dentist came out and says he has three cavities- there was one in the back of a front tooth that we couldn’t see. The one he is most concerned about is the same one I was most concerned about – it will need a lot of work. They said they would usually do these in two sessions, but because of his age they want to do them in one.
We went to Michaes for Carl’s Cranky (yes the craft store). Michaels has a 40% off coupon in the Sunday papers and the one near us stocks the Learning Curve Thomas products. When we get there I discover the Cranky is one of the more spendy items in the Thomas collection – that 40% off really helped.
Now my worries are on the upcoming fillings. I am very worried about the process – partially because I personally am not very familiar with the process and partially because they will be putting my precious son under for the process. Rich is going with me for the next appointment (they recommend two adults be present for this one to get the child home.) I am working hard to conquer my anxiety – it can only make Carl anxious too.
To end this on a not so sad note, I do have so comments on Cranky the Crane. This is the Learning Curve Cranky the Crane LC99327. When I got it out of the box the top section (with the face on it) was loose from the rest of the body. It appeared they should fit together easily, but it wasn’t easy. I called Learning Curve and they told me to line up the pieces and to push very hard – there would NOT be a click but they would go together. It took quite a bit of muscle, but it did work.
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2 Responses to Mommyland this week

  1. Kim says:

    I love the new art! Very colorful once again.  Hope the fillings go okay for Carl. I still remember my first time at the dentist and it was the same type of situation. To this day, I\’m scared to death of dentists. Eeek. I think boys are better or so my mom told me anyway hehe Let\’s hope. I\’ll say a prayer that all goes well with that.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Tanya says:

    Poor Carl – I hope everything goes as well as can be expected at the next visit.  We\’ll be taking Logan in for a dental appointment soon and I am not looking forward to it!  I hope you\’re having a great Sunday 🙂

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