Weigh In Results

Carl and I once again went to the Mommy and Me Weight Watchers meeting. I really appreciate them accomodating Moms, but I will be happy going to the regular meeting once again. I always have to keep an eye on Carl so I feel I am not getting as much out of the meeting. Carl is starting to play with the other kids a bit.
Anyway, the results: I am down .6 lbs to an even 150. The weight loss seems to be slowing. I know what I need to do, work more activity into my day. I am still thrilled that I am loosing weight though, I will take that over an even or gain.
At the meeting we talked about chocolate fixes and how to handle them within reason. It is one of my weaknesses. That and cheese. And good bread. And Mexican food. And Italian food. All right, I have a lot of weaknesses….
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2 Responses to Weigh In Results

  1. Tanya says:

    I have all of those weaknesses too.  Yesterday we went to Mike\’s Aunt\’s for the Super Bowl and she had some fantastic garlic bread – I don\’t even want to think about how many pieces I had 🙂  But, at least you are still losing weight 🙂  Have a great Monday!

  2. Kim says:

    Congrats Leslie. Better down then up. A loss is a win in my book 🙂 I have tons of weaknesses too–problem is that I LOVE FOOD!! I think I always will too. The key for me is to get some exercise in daily and then I can munch just a little bit more. Easier said then done Heheeee
    Anyway, congrats again, you are doing super!!!
    Kim 🙂

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