Weekend Events

Actually I will start with Friday. Carl and I along with some new friends went to the Northwest Family and Kids Festival. The boys loved it. There was a blow up castle to climb on. Hillsboro Soccer had a small field set up – Carl would have spent the entire day there. There were animals exhibits and lots of vendors. Just Me Music had an exhibit – I bought Carl another personalized CD. It was a lot of fun.
One thing that made me realize how old I am – someone thought I was the boys GRANDMOTHER. My ego still smarts from that. That got me masking and moisturizing for the rest of the weekend.
Carl also had Sports Class with Daddy. This week was soccer. He loves it. The one problem we are having is he doesn’t like the slow controlled walking with the ball. He likes to run and dribble and kick the goal, but he sure doesn’t like learning the control.
We celebrated the January/Februrary birthdays in my family. I posted my stepmother’s chocolate cake recipe. I couldn’t resist. It was so good. We will see how much damage it did at my weigh-in. I had been careful all week, but I don’t know how much care can make up for chocolate cake, turkey pot pie and a mayonaise/sour cream salad.  It was good….
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