Taco Night

I made tacos last night for dinner. This time I tried some vegan taco filling. It is manufactured by Fantastic World Foods. I first tasted it at the Women’s Show last fall (I thought it was great) and I received some coupons. I thought it would be lower in Weight Watcher points than ground beef, but if you prepare it as directed, it is the same points as 85% lean or higher ground beef. With the filling you do get a healthy oil as opposed to the saturated fat of beef. I thought the texture was similiar to ground beef and the seasonings were nice and spicy for tacos.
For the shells, we use the crisp corn taco shells (as opposed to soft corn tortillas) and bake them in the oven for a few minutes (as opposed to frying the soft tortillas in oil). The shells that we had are 2 points each, though I have seen lower (2 for 3 points) shells. I had one taco in a shell and one in whole wheat tortilla. My whole wheat tortillas are by La Tortilla Factory, the smaller sized tortillas (in the 13 oz package) are 50 calories, 2 g fat and 8 g fiber.
In looking back over my meal, the only thing I could have done better was if we had some low fat cheddar for the tacos. I am finding that I don’t mind low fat cheese as part of a dish, though if I am eating cheese by itself, I what the full fat stuff!
I found the filling and the whole wheat tortillas at New Seasons Market (though I have now found the tortillas at other stores too.) They have recently expanded their website with lots more information including online ordering and more recipes. They also recently added a store nearby, making it a lot easier to shop there.
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One Response to Taco Night

  1. Kim says:

    Yumo tacos sounds good! I eat alot of taco salads here. Love \’em 🙂

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