Weigh In

Carl and I attended our Mommy and Me meeting. Carl is being very helpful – he got someone else’s card out of the file and then started taking off his shoes for weigh in also.
I had a surprise – I was down 1.6 pounds! This was after the bad chocolate day and the bad peanut butter day. I guess sticking with the plan the majority of the time pays off. This brings my restart weight loss to 6.8 pounds and my total weight loss to 35.6 pounds.
I took something to eat to the meeting. I don’t eat before the weigh in – maybe it makes a difference. Carl eats more at that meeting than I could ever get him to eat at home. Maybe I will try some foods he normally won’t eat next week.
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One Response to Weigh In

  1. Pat says:

    1.6 lbs….thats great keep up the good work!!

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