Falling Down

I really have the last two days… It was chocolate truffles on Thursday. They were the ones that are from Costco, rich on the inside and covered with a powdered chocolate. My stepmother sent left them at the house for my husband. Arrgh! Then yesterday I overdid it on peanut butter. So it is time to pull myself back on the course.
Here is the goofy husband story of late. My son received a  really cute Thomas set, as I talked about in a past blog:
One drawback is that the legs come out very easily. So my husband decided to glue them in with the glue gun. The problem is he didn’t look at the directions and guessed which leg goes where. The result is a lopsided toy. So we tried to remove the glue – NO LUCK! The legs are stuck. So we are having to prop up certain legs to get the toy balanced so the trains will run around the track. I have been teasing my husband about it and will continue until I am bored with the teasing or something more amusing happens.
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One Response to Falling Down

  1. Kim says:

    Oh no, you had a binge!!! boy I\’ve had a lot of them in the past. Just move on! At least you know you did it! Chocolate Truffles Mmm!!! Tonight I indulged in a White Hot Chocolate from Dunkin Donuts. Mmm Mmm Good and hit the spot. I don\’t feel guilty for it either.
    OMG I\’m cracking up at the glue job on Thomas!!  I\’d be teasing my hubby too if he did something like that. Heck he does things like that alot and I\’m forever teasing him.
    Hope your weekend is going well 🙂

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