Buying Fresh Produce

Since I started Weight Watchers I have been eating more fresh vegetables and getting fussier about them. My cousin, Lori, who works for a natural foods store chain (PCC) has a sign on her fridge – "If foods not fresh I won’t eat it, ok I’ll eat it but I won’t like it."
I am looking into getting fresh vegetables through Community Supported Agriculture program. I had heard of them before but I started looking again after a Slate article and a trip to the grocery store.
I am still researching, so this is a work in progress entry.
Lori’s stores:
Slate Article:
Program sites:
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One Response to Buying Fresh Produce

  1. Kim says:

    Hey Leslie, thanks for your congrats!!! Much appreciated.
    My brother\’s in laws own and operate a small fresh fruit/veggie, garden store. They go to the farmer\’s market daily to get fresh produce in that store so I am there often. The fresh fruits and veggies DO taste soooo much better. I like the summer fruits and veggies better then the winter ones though.
    I\’ll have to check some of the sites you listed there. Thanks for the info!

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