Christmas Presents

Christmas was very very good to our family.
Carl is loving all of his new cars and videos. One gift that was a sleeper – he loved it later – was the personalized Wiggles CD I bought for him. The company has an affliates program so I am going to see how to set one up through the blog.
Rich spent Christmas morning setting up the table saw I bought for him (a 15 amp one!)
I received a pair of Uggs. I am usually not a full priced popular brand sort of woman, but I really wanted something slip on and warm. The boots are also a lot lighter than the knock-offs.
Though the things were nice, what was really special was spending time with my family – my brothers and family came into town.
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2 Responses to Christmas Presents

  1. Kim says:

    Sounds like you had a nice Christmas! So glad to hear it! I think my favorite thing about holidays is spending time with family. It means more the as we get older, I think.

  2. Cherissa says:

    I agree… spending time with Family is the best part of it all! and one of the things I miss most… This was a hard Christmas for me.
    It makes me happy and warms my heart to hear the beauty in yours.
    Nothing but dark rainy skys here and 50 degree weather to go with it lol…
    Have a beautiful day!

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