New Star

Carl is crazy about stars. He wanted stars on his cake for his birthday and I bought some little stars to decorate his room.
He was disappointed that we didn’t put a star on top of our Christmas tree. He saw the characters put a star on the tree during "Rudolph the Big Red Nose," and was looking forward to it for our tree. Poor kid – not only do we have an angel, but both my mom and my dad have angels. Family thing I guess…
Recently we had dinner with our friend Camen. A friend of her’s stopped by, Phaedra – with some things for Carmen. She had a star ornament and some paper stars. She gave the ornament and one of the paper stars to Carl. She told him to make a wish on the paper star and put it is his pocket. He loved that.
The ornament we brought home. I went to put it on the tree that night, but Carl made me move the angel and put the star at the top. He points it out to me daily and reminds me that that is his star.
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2 Responses to New Star

  1. Kim says:

    Aww how sweet is that. Kids are so cute!

  2. Cherissa says:

    "He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind."
    ~Leonardo Da vinci~

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