Getting Ready to Start the New Year!

I plan on going back to Weight Watchers after the New Year. So I bought my new pass yesterday. I didn’t plan it, but I was right by the Weight Watchers building, so I thought that I might as well take care of this now then I can’t put it off after New Years Day.
I was on my way grocery shopping – they recently moved the center to a building next to Winco. So I walked in – the new place is still pretty stark, but lots of space. I explained to the woman behind the desk my situation and then started crying. I knew I would which is why I wanted to take care of the rejoining before I went to a meeting.
The woman at the desk was very very very kind and took care of everything. The meeting then let out and it got busy, so I hurried out. I got into Winco to discover I had forgotten to pay for my pass. So I finished my grocery shopping at Winco and went back to pay. I caught the woman just as she was closing up the center, so I got her the check.
I plan on going to my regular Thursday night meeting, but will probably need to switch to the Mommy meeting on Mondays when school starts.
I also picked up a new cookbook/cooking reference book. It is called "The Good Cook’s Book of Mustard," by Michele Anna Jordan. I have here oil and vinegar book and found it informative and useful. Since mustard is a freebie in Weight Watchers – and mustard based sauces have made meals more interesting, I hope it will give me some good ideas.
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One Response to Getting Ready to Start the New Year!

  1. Kim says:

    Happy New Year Leslie! Congrats to you for your recommitting! Good luck to you! I\’ll be cheering you on 🙂 

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