VIP (Very Important Purchase)

We have many cats. It is a long story how we ended up with so many, but that is a story for another day. We recently had to buy a new litterbox and we were looking for the automatic type, so I thought I would share my research.
We have had two of the LitterMaid automatic litter boxes for a few years now. The standard size one was purchased in early 2002 or late 2001. The mega sized one was purchased in late 2003. The mega sized one died already. So I am happy with the standard sized LitterMaid, but unhappy with the Mega size.
So I looked around to find a good deal on a new automatic litter box. Costco had sold them in the stores earlier, but didn’t seem to have them now. I went to all three stores near me, including the new huge store in Hillsboro. I checked online and they still sell them there. They also had another box by ScoopFree. It looked pretty interesting so I thought I would look into it.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one to look at so I had to go off others testimony to make a decision. My husband had no opinion looking at the description (I think he would rather we had fewer cats!) I did find reviews on a few sites. They really seemed happy with the product. My concerns (raised by online comments) were price of the litter trays, the sturdiness of the trays (they were made of carboard) and the acceptance of crystal litter by my cats.
The three issues made me stick with Littermaid. My cats are set in their ways. So I bought two standard sized Littermaids through Costco online.
I can’t get them to use the one in the new spot (there are now 3 boxes)- argh…
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