Carl and Santa

This year Carl wasn’t crying and squirming when we took him to see Santa. He was too sure of the guy at Breakfast with Santa, an event at Rich’s office. By the end of the month of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and "Rudolph the Big Red Nose" (as Carl calls it), Carl wanted to go have a chat about what he would receive for Christmas. So the Saturday before Christmas he and a few of his cousins got up early and headed to the mall to see Santa.
He asked for a box of trucks. He actually caught sight of them when I was wrapping, but they disappeared before he could get a good look at them.
My husband then took him shopping for one of my gifts. Carl spotted a truck he really wanted. Rich told him that if Santa didn’t get it for him, Rich would buy it after Christmas. So I had to go Walgreens and get it. It was described as a white monster truck with a picture of Mommy on it. Mommy on it? Ok to Carl, mommies have long blond hair. I can guarantee that I do not look like the woman on the truck. Maybe to him I do – I did nurse him…
We have Christmas Eve at moms – so to do stockings there, we tell the kids that Santa comes early and if they are in bed he will leave toys. We hang real socks and stuff the mates ahead of time. Then my brother rings bells and ho hos around the house. The younger kids eyes get big and they run to a bed (the older kids play along to keep the magic). We scramble to get rid of cookies, put out stockings, and other little details. Brother then ho hos some more and we get the kids.
The white monster truck with the picture of mommy was down at the toe of the stocking. He had to sleep with the truck that night. He will also tell you he heard Santa and the lights on his sleigh (on the neighbors house.)
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One Response to Carl and Santa

  1. Tanya says:

    We never did take Logan to see Santa this year but I\’m not sure he would have liked it.  It\’s probably better that we didn\’t 🙂  Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

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