Weight Loss and other things

My weight loss is back on track – I was down 3 lbs at my weigh-in. I lost what I gained last week, plus .2 (2 tenths) of a pound. At the meeting we talked about food colors and the nutrients associated with those foods. It was an interesting way to think about variety in eating.
I then got home expecting to find my husband and son in the garage. My son like to "work" on the RC cars in the garage. He fastens zip-ties to the bumper. Anyway no, they are in the family room, husband is asleep on the sofa, one of Carl’s videos is on menu and Carl is playing on the computer on the internet. In addition our cats April and Cab are nowhere to be found.  I was only gone an hour…
So I wake husband up and he tries to act like nothing is wrong and he knows what is going on. Hah. I start searching the house for the cats, Carl close behind "helping.’" As he usually scares the cats into hiding worse, plus he was underfoot, I take him downstairs and get out Candyland. Rich had no say in it and obligingly plays two games of Candyland with Carl.
I then set out in search of the cats. After searching through the house and garage, I open the front door. April comes tearing in and runs up to my room/cat’s room. Oh boy, Cab – who is a skittish scardy cat is outside. After searching plants around the yard, under the deck (yuck) and under the cars, I went back inside to get some tuna. As I get outside I shine the light near the water meter – sure enough there is a big fat white cat trying to hide under it (he isn’t the sharpest claw on the paw). I get him back inside, he gets a treat of tuna and all is right with the pets again.
I am still not pleased with my husband. 
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