Toddler motivation, womens expo and rewards

This fall Carl is taking a class through Parks and Rec called "Munchkin Sports." It gives really little kids an overview to a variety of sports in a non-competitive program. They are covering sports that Carl has shown an interest in – basketball, soccer and baseball. The problem is the class is first thing in the morning and my son takes a bit to wake up in the morning. The first week he cried through all but the very end of the class and then cried because he didn’t want it to be over. The second class he cried for about the first 2/3 of the class and then had fun the last part. Last week it was about half and half. Last week for a day or two before class we talked about going to Chuck E Cheese or Build A Bear Workshop if he didn’t cry in sports class and did what coach said. So after class last week Carl wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. I stood firm and said that he had to be cooperative through the whole class. I did let him know that I thought he did much better that week, and I would help remind him on the day of class, so he would remember to cooperate all through class. I also emphasized that this was a one time thing – we weren’t going to CEC every week, that I expect him to cooperate in class from then on. So I reminded him this week the morning of class. He did great – and he was laughing all through class, even in the beginning. It was amazing to see the difference. Carl and I talked about it later and he said class was more fun when he did what coach said.
He then chose Chuck E Cheese as his reward. I asked if he wanted to go there for lunch with just mommy or wait until dinner and bring daddy. He opted for dinner, so I called Rich at work and let him know the plans for the evening.
I then thought it would be fun to go to the Women’s Show that was in town this weekend. So, after lunch, I went to Thriftway to pick up a few groceries I needed and the discount coupons. We dropped off the groceries and went to the show. Carl fell asleep in the car on the way there, so I laid down his stroller seat and he slept through most of the show. It was so fun – the booths had lots of fun products in them. There were beauty and clothing boothes, nutrition and wellness booths, financial and self improvement booths, toys/children booths and wine and food booths. I got lots of literature and cards in the first part. In the food section I more that made up the cost of admission and parking. Between the take home samples (many of which were full size products) and coupons from products I use already, I made a haul.
Carl woke up toward the end, so I rewalked some of the food booths to get him some juice and things to eat. We then met Tina Yothers and her family. Carl and her daughter had whatever meaningful conversations that toddlers have. I think Carl was telling her about sports class and Chuck E Cheese. He told everyone about it that day. Tina is working with Nutrasystems right now. She looks great. Since I had some too big pants on (I have got to go through my clothes) I was able to show my weight loss too. She laughed and said her mom is doing the same thing.  I then asked if she had gotten to see much of Portland. She mentioned some places, I then suggested a place near where they were going today. Hopefully they will enjoy it.
I bought three things while I was at the show. Franz bakery was selling bread loafs and cookies packages for $1, with all of the money going to a charity (I can’t remember what). I also bought a personalized CD for Carl of Wiggles songs. It was great – plus I got to meet the head of publicity for the Wiggles. The company that makes the CDs is Just Me Music. At the show they had personalized Veggietales, Wiggles and Barney. They are adding Elmo later in the year. The CD wasn’t cheap, but I think it is worth it.
Here are some of the websites:
I want to go next year – it was fun!
So we then went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. I had a coupon for 50 free tokens with a pizza. Fifty tokens are a lot of tokens. Especially when your kid only wants to run around on the free climbing structures. Oh well, he had fun. We will see if the good attitude in sports class will last now.
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  1. Tanya says:

    That expo sounds like a lot of fun – I\’ll have to check and see if there\’s anything similar in the Seattle area.

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