Household updates

Things have been changing in our home. My husband has started graduate school – working on a PhD in physics. So besides homework that I can’t even begin to fathom, he has to figure out a research project, fund and perform the research and write a dissertation. So we are having to plan our time together a little more.
We went wine tasting Sunday at Renaissance Wine Shop. They were featuring low cost wine finds, which can lead to some good discoveries. Carl was pretty patient through this, but I think he likes going out to Yamhill more, there are little treats to eat and we run around with him a bit after tasting. We got him a cookie at Starbucks to eat while we were tasting, so he was pretty happy.
I feel bad for my son with my husband’s busy schedule. We have been telling him that daddy has started school and that is why he is gone more and busy and can’t play. My husband still spends time with him, it is just very limited. In a week or so we plan on taking him to the university and showing him the lab. I am hoping that will help him understand. My husband did bring him into the house (from husbands domain – the garage) and I think my son was a little hurt by that.
Tonight they are doing a father/son dinner (I have belly dancing class – ok I will now wait for you to get up off the floor when you stop laughing). I hope they don’t just come home and watch TV.
My husband is so happy in the program. It is great to see him doing something he loves so much.
So my new big chore is getting family time in – and making sure it is quality time.
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One Response to Household updates

  1. Tanya says:

    I know exactly what you\’re going through with trying to find family time.  Since Mike started his new job in August he\’s been putting in some long hours at the office.  And with school – that takes up a lot of time too.  He just finished his senior project today so hopefully that will free up some of his time.  I\’m so glad he\’ll be done in December because I know that Logan misses him alot.

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