Wine and Cheese

New Seasons, a local grocery chain, hosts periodic wine and cheese tastings at their various stores. Their newspaper ads usually have some useful information on the pairings which I save (ok I saved last years and this years.) Here is the article from this year and a chart from last year. Plus this way I know where they are and may remember the ideas better from typing them in!
How to Pair Wine and Cheese
Wine and cheese go hand-in-hand. having essentially developed together over the centuries as ways to combat spoilage from bountiful harvests. Some people are afraid to experiment with these two diverse foods, afraid of breaking rules. In reality, there are no rules, only what you like and what you don’t. Some of our favorite pairings might seem unorthodox, such as a fine sharp cheddar with champagne, but are splendid matches to us nevertheless.
Not Sure Where to Start?
· Wine and cheese from the same region usually pair splendidly. Often the two styles developed together.
· White wines pair best with full-flavored cheese and soft styles.
· Red wines pair best with mild cheese and hard, aged styles.
· Tart or high-acid cheeses go well with high-acid wines.
· The more pungent the cheese, the sweeter the wine you should pair with it.
· Go for the contrast, like a rich, creamy cheese with a crisp clean wine.
· Strong cheeses go great with fortified and dessert wines.
· Sparkling wines pairs great with salty, creamy cheese like blue and aged cheddars.
· Experimentation is the best way to learn!
My idea of heaven is to sit in a favorite restaurant with cheese and a glass of wine.
— Wendy Wasserstein, American Playwright
(though I have a feeling a lot of other people have said this too!)
Since I plug New Seasons a lot, I thought I would give another plug. PCC Markets in Seattle hold a special place in my heart. The wine steward there introduced my cousin to L’Ecole No. 41, who introduced it to me. (Plus my cousin has been with the company for many many years.) I was checking out the website and they have some great wine newsletters.
Here are some more websites with wine and cheese pairing ideas:
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