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My Weight Watchers meeting was Thursday. I went expecting another .2 (2 tenths) of a pound weight loss. Instead I had lost a pound – I am now to the point where I am tickled by this amount! I am also getting very close to my goal – but this slowing of the weight loss is making it go S O  S L O W!
There were two things different this week. First I had a cold. I do not  think nor recommend catching a cold to try to loose weight. Second, once I was feeling better I started doing exercise (not just activity) in the house – since Carl still is really sick, I couldn’t get out. So I ran the stairs. I looked up the minimum amount of time to aquire one point and I ran our five stairs for that amount of time. I guess it means I am going to need to add a more vigorous activity (even yuck exercise) to my routine to keep this up.
At the meeting they talked about songs that remind you of your weight loss program. All I kept thinking was "On and On," by Stephen Bishop. For those who are too young – he had an album in the 70’s with a few hits. Here I am talking about him like he is in past tense – he is a singer and songwriter. http://www.stephenbishop.com/
We also talked about really needing to stick with the guidelines. I guess my friend Diane hadn’t been really doing the oil properly. She was getting oil in her diet, but not the healthy types. She thought a little butter and a little mayonaise would be good enough. She added a little olive oil this week and she lost 3 pounds!
I feel kind of mean for saying this, but I am regreting inviting my mom to Weight Watchers. She is so clingy and needy at the meetings, always interupts conversations with uncalled for, out of context or nasty comments. At the most recently meeting (this is only one example), she walked in and doesn’t say hello to the people I to which I am talking, and then states "If that baby cries all meeting I am leaving." There was a couple at the meeting with a newborn that was a little fussy last week – but they LEFT when she started crying. Needless to say the conversation stopped and everyone walked away. I am going to ask my Grandma about this – since my mom cannot be reasonable when it comes to criticism, I am going to see how Grandma deals with her. Mom is starting to loose weight and I don’t want her to stop coming, but it would be nice if she wasn’t such a b*. Ok that is off my chest…
In order to end this on a happy note – I started my belly dancing class this week. It was so much fun. Tanya really made us feel like we were doing well. The class was full of women from all ages – from high school girls to retirees. It was too much fun!
Carl’s cold is getting better. We did try the Triaminic Strips for him. Carl doesn’t like taking liquid medicine – he had some bad experiences when he was really tiny and he does remember. He loves the strips though and they are drying him up a bit.
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