Funny Little Event of Late

We had some big excitement lately. I had dropped my 96 year old grandma off at the beauty parlor and went back to wait at my mom’s house. The teenage neighbor came over as soon as I got there – a bird had gotten into the house, she was the only one home and needed help getting it out.
By this point the poor little guy was pretty tired out. It wasn’t as big as the girl made it sound, but it wasn’t a tiny Hummingbird either. We had the front door open, but it kept trying the windows nearby. So after a bit of figuring, we started taking the screens off the lower windows (the only ones that would open). At one point the poor bird fell on the girl, which freaked her a bit. It then went over to the one window that still had a screen and clung to the screen. I slowly loosened the screen and tipped it and the bird flew out the window.
This is now quite the topic of conversation with my three year old. He kept telling me about it. He then told Mee Mee (his greatgrandma) and everyone at the beauty parlor about it. He then told the girls mom about it. It is definately a good topic.
We figured out that the bird was a flicker. Here is a picture:
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2 Responses to Funny Little Event of Late

  1. Tanya says:

    That would have been scary – I probably would have let the poor thing just flutter around until Mike got home.  🙂

  2. Cherissa says:

    Verrry Funny… I have experienced that sort of thing many times… At my Grandmas house… the birds would some how get in through the chimney in through the fireplace down in the basement….  A few times unfortunately they tried too hard to get out a closed window and did not make it much further… but on most occasions lol we would all run around the house covering our heads screaming like little kids opening all the doors and windows so it would fly out to freedom…
    Good fun memories!
    I hope you have a nice weekend!!

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