Wine Tasting – Yamhill County

We were able to get out wine tasting this weekend! Yeah!!!
JK Carriere was hosting an event to introduce the 2004 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. It was a blend of three vineyards grapes. It was a smooth fruity wine with a hint of a smoky finish. We picked up a few bottles as well as a few of the Provocateur Pinot Noir (their lower cost Pinot). They had some nice sausage, cheeses, bread, meats and chocolate covered cherries (num num). They also had some crayons, paper and other toys for Carl, as well as lemonade. He could have stayed there all day.
We then were heading to Archery Summit – we needed to pick up our wine club order. We were talking about a third place to go – we thought we would try Argyle. Unfortunately they are in the heart of Dundee – the town that shrinks the highway down to one lane and adds a bad stoplight. Since this highway has both beach traffic and wine traffic, it gets REALLY bad on Sunday afternoons.
So we decided to head south after Archery Summit and then take Abbey Road north out of Lafayette to the south side of Newberg.
At Archery Summit the were pouring four Pinot Noirs. The first was the 2004 Premier Cuvee – it had a green start with a smoky finish. It also mellowed as it was in the glass. The second was the 2004 Renegade Ridge Estate- it had a fruity start with a slight licorice flavor in the middle and a dry finish. Third was the 2003 Red Hills Estate- a very good wine, it was blended and had a finished flavor. Last was the 2003 Archery Summit Estate- it was very smooth with a dried berry finish. In our wine club we received two bottles of the 2004 Red Hills Estate. We also bought two more bottles of the Looney Hills Estate – we had tried it at the Memorial Day weekend and I loved it.
For our last stop we thought we would try Stoller. We weren’t sure if they were open year round, but we figure we could try. We had stopped there over Memorial Day. Rich then wasn’t impressed with their wines, but I liked them and since they are a newer winery I wanted to support them. We we opened the wine a few months later, Rich loved it.
This time we tasted their Chardonnay, a Rose Pinot Noir and the Estate Pinot Noir. The Chardonnay was dry with a definite grape flavor. The Rose was light and smooth – perfect for summer afternoons on a porch swing. It had the flavor of stawberries.  The Estate Pinot Noir was the wine Rich didn’t care for at Memorial Day, but I bought anyway and he later loved. That first aroma from the glass was amazing. It was smooth and fruity – a really good Pinot Noir.  We also found out that the wines are only available through the winery or in restaurants.
It was another good winetasting day!
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