Funny little stories

I thought I would share some funny things that have happened in our household lately.
I recently moved a few items around in the house. I moved a wine rack downstairs by the laundry room. After a few days I noticed the rack was moved away from the wall. I moved it back. A few days later it is away from the wall. I am starting to get a weird feeling when husband says he hasn’t been downstairs in a while. After moving it back two more times, I start really paying attention, like I am going to nab a poltergeist or something. It turns out it was moving when I would walk out of the laundry room with a full basket of laundry….
My son has decided that Anthony Geary (on General Hospital) looks like my father. So everytime GH comes on, he shouts, "there’s Babba." Ok if my dad grew 4 inches taller and lost 50 pound there might be a slight resemblance when Mr Geary is 70. Maybe. It is funny to hear everyday.
My son Carl is really talking now – though he uses certain words incorrectly.  He uses the words "Me" and "My" correctly most of the time, except when he wants to be carried, when he says, "Pick my up." Always.
More later….
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