Weigh In – it was a few days ago…

Going into Thursday, I was positive I had gained weight. I had 3 bad days – by bad I mean "I don’t even KNOW the full value of everything I ate." It was some bakery ginger chewy cookies, cheese (full fat of course) and peanut butter. It is making me think of a scene from "Company" where one of the women is on a diet and going CRAZY.
Anyway, I went into the weigh in wondering how much I gained. I knew I wouldn’t gain 41 pounds back in one week, but since weight loss has been so slow lately, I was hoping it wouldn’t be a lot. 
My weight was the same. I didn’t gain anything. That was really encouraging.
I don’t know why I suddenly have no will power against cheese and other unfriendly-to-weight-loss foods. I probably need to work small amounts into my daily eating plan.
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One Response to Weigh In – it was a few days ago…

  1. Cherissa says:

    Hello Leslie! Glad to hear that you are doing well.
    I too have been going through this phase where I can\’t resist the temptation of the not so good for you foods….. I find myself ravenous sometimes as if the food will no longer be there tomorrow. Then I feel bad or that I have gained 40 pounds because of it.
    But I stay active … have been running a mile and walking two everyday…. that helps.
    LOL I\’m rambling here.
    I hope your weekend is going well!
    Take care and smile!

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