Not much

 I want to make an entry, but not too much has been going on.
Husband is looking into starting a PhD program, so we have been doing a lot of talking about the time commitment. We had his potential advisor and girlfriend over for dinner on Sunday. It was quite fun – the guys went and talked nerd stuff in the garage and I got to know the girlfriend. She was very nice and interesting. I served tomato dishes – they are at their peak now. There were chips and salsa for appetizer and sliced tomatoes with cucumber and avocado for a salad. The salad looked really nice – I alternated slices of types of tomato and cucumber, sprinkled them with some lemon basil leaves (the leaves are small) then fat free vinegarette and salt and pepper. I then realized I had an avacado ready to eat, so I added wedges.
I also really blew the diet on Sunday – I got started on cheese and crackers and cookies after dinner. They are my weakness. I also didn’t have a good day on Friday, so I am just sticking with the program for the rest of the week here.
I took my grandma to church on Sunday. Mom normally takes her but wasn’t able to – it was her 50th high school reunion weekend. Mom had a great time. Grandma did well at church – she didn’t have to go rock in the cry room (rocking helps her back) and she took communion at the alter (as opposed to the front pew, which is offered for people with mobility issues). She was very proud of herself for that. I think it is grandma’s sass that has helped her have such a long life (she is 96).
I picked up Carl’s three-year portraits on Friday. I had forgotten about them, they had been ready for a few weeks. My dad and step-mom stopped in on Saturday so step mom could get their photos – she was going to a family reunion and wanted to take some of them with her. They then stayed and gave us a hand getting the house ready for company on Sunday. It was very helpful. We got all of the white cupboards in my kitchen cleaned. I never want to have white in my kitchen again. EVERYTHING shows up.
So now we are back on routine – laundry and catching up on dishes from Sunday. Life as it is for a homemaker…
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One Response to Not much

  1. Tanya says:

    We had a white kitchen when we lived in Bellevue (about 5 years ago) and when we moved out and did the final cleaning of the place the cupboards were so gross.  I agree – never a white kitchen again!!
    I have to get to one of the farmer\’s markets before it\’s too late to pick up some more tomatoes – I would like to make one more batch of salsa before the season ends.  Have a great Tuesday Leslie!!

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