Weigh In, Music and Shopping

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting as I usually do Thursday night. Rich showed up just as I was piling Carl in the car to take him with me. Rich finally got it through his head what time I wanted to leave to be able to pick up a dinner, weigh in and not be rushed. I have only on my 29th week attending the same meeting.
The weigh in went well – down .8 (8 tenths) of a pound. I am not crazy about how the weight loss has slowed to a painfully slow crawl, but at least I am still loosing weight.
I am going to have to add more exercise to my schedule. Yuck. I will have to take on the challenge of making exercise interesting, like I was able to create good things to eat from lower point value ingredients.  I do have the dance class starting in two weeks, that will take care of one day of the week.
I recently bought Carl a small acoustic guitar (also known tatoustic tuitar). He is loving it. We finally got it tuned and figured out how to tighten it so it stays tuned longer than two minutes. Carl is loving it. He takes it to his room and turns on his CD, sings with the music and plays his tuitar.
We were watching the Supernova finale and he had to play along with Magni. It was too cute.
Speaking of Supernova – I was a bit dissapointed in the bands choice for lead singer. Oh well, they have to live with it. Since I liked everyone else in the top 6, I thought I would post their non-Supernova pages.
Shopping for clothes for myself is getting fun again. Carl and I recently made the trek to the downtown Nordstroms Rack. I honestly went there to look for some clothes for Carl, only to discover they do not have a children’s department at this Rack. Since I had already gone to the trouble of driving downtown and paying for parking, I shopped for myself.
I found a pair of jeans and three shirts (on the clearance rack of course). With the additional mark down, they came to less than $10 each, so I didn’t feel bad about buying them. I added up the original prices when I got home – $216 for $39 and change. Do people really buy stuff at full price?
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One Response to Weigh In, Music and Shopping

  1. Tanya says:

    Those are some great deals at the Rack.  I agree – I don\’t know who pays full price for clothes.  Especially kid ones!!  Have a great night 🙂

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