Weekly Weigh In

I went to my weekly weigh in. I lost, but lately the loss has slowed way down. I guess I have hit a plateau. Yuck. I was down .2 lbs. I am starting to get discouraged – at this rate it will be a long long time to get to my goal.
Oh well, at least I didn’t gain.
An event did happen that is encouraging. We went to Multnomah Falls on Thursday. I was able to carry Carl up to the bridge – I couldn’t even walk it last time I was there. I carried my 30+ lb son! I was really really proud of that.
The picture at Cannon Beach also was encouraging – I am no longer a size 16.
So I will stick with the program – I can see why people get discouraged when loosing weight.
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One Response to Weekly Weigh In

  1. Cherissa says:

    Congratulations!!!! You LOST 2 pounds! I know its not as much as you would like but WOW you lost some and have not gained. You are doing great!!! I know it can be discouraging but stay focused and allow yourself to celebrate!
    The Pictures you have up now are amazing!!!!! The one that is titled… "Her pants are too big" Is that you and your son?… Thats an amazing photo… it looks as if the two of you are standing on the edge of this marvolous earth! And the "The Rock" one is Beautiful!
    Today is a very emotional day for many… I hope you and your family will be well! Take care of your self and live this life to the fullest… You are a wonderful Mother…an amazing women! And I\’m very thankful to have had the chance to communicate and share with you!

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