Day at the Coast

My mom’s cousin is in town this week. We went to the coast yesterday. It is the second time that Carl has been to the coast. We went last year when the same cousin – Susan – was in town. He didn’t like the water then – but liked playing in the sand. This year was different.
We started the day driving to Seaside. We parked and walked the ocean boardwalk and the street of shopping. We stopped for lunch at Norma’s. The food was great and the staff was very nice. Mom ran into a former coworker there who had moved to the coast after retiring. It got mom thinking of moving….
We then drove down to Cannon Beach. Carl fell asleep in the car, so I stayed in the car with him while mom and Susan went to the beach. They came back to the car and we drove through the town for a while – it is a very pretty little town. We then parked farther south and Mom and Susan went to the Haystack Rock area.
Carl was still asleep, so I stayed in the car and read. Mom had brought the book "The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion. It is the story of the author’s experiences the during the time her only daughter is horribly sick and her husband dies. I can’t imagine living through what she went through in such a short time.
Carl finally woke up. We tried calling mom on the cell (both were on roam, so they don’t recieve calls very well). Carl and I found a bathroom and then spotted Mom and Susan coming back to the car. They had spent the hour lying on the beach. So we went back and walked over to Haystack Rock.
The tide was out, so there were a lot of tide pools where we could see animals and plants. At first Carl was scared and wanted me to carry him. I had just carried him all the way from the car through the soft sand. I made him walk on the hard sand. He got mad at me when I said we shouldn’t touch the sea animals. He snapped out of it when he saw the sea stars – red, orange and purple on the rocks. His other favorite – Anemones were also prevalent.
As we walked back to the car, Susan had a seizure (she has seizure disorder, so this wasn’t a surprise). I went to get the car. Mom told Carl that Susan was sick, so he went and held her hand until she felt better.
We then went to dinner at Doogers – what a great find! The food was delicious and the had a light menu.
Since school has started, the towns were empty. The weather was great – what a wonderful offseason trip!
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One Response to Day at the Coast

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like a nice time at the beach!  I keep telling Mike we need to make a trip to the ocean (we\’ve only been there twice in the seven years we\’ve lived out here).  Have a great Friday!!

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