Fun Saturday

Carl, Misako and I spent Saturday in downtown Portland. Misako suggested we shop at Saturday Market. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years so I thought it would be fun. Rich was going to talk to a professor about a PhD program, so he couldn’t come with us.
We met at my house. I was very proud of myself – I checked online for parking lot locations before I drove there. I hate scrambling for parking.
Misako wanted to go to a particular clothing store. I wanted to look for some Salumeria di Carlo sausages. They were the wonderful sausages we first tried at Chehelam Winery and are made in Yamhill County.
So we started out to the market. I brought a side holder to assist me in carrying Carl – I thought the stroller would be too big for the market. We got to the clothing shop where Misako wanted to shop. The clothes weren’t for me – so I looked at the other shops while carrying Carl. Nearby was a shop with stringed instruments including a “tiny tatustic tuitar!” There were children’s guitars available in pink, blue and wood tone.
So we went back to the car, got the stroller, and then walked to the booth with the guitars. I bought Carl the wood toned one. We then walk the rest of the market checking out the booths and looking to see if the sausages are there. While walking, Carl conks out in the stroller.
We couldn’t find the sausages, and decided to stop for a break. Kell’s Irish Pub was on the way back to the garage. So with Carl still asleep in his stroller, Misako and I stopped in for a snack. Carl didn’t even stir.
Since I really wanted some of these sausages, we decided to try Zupan’s, where Janet had found them for Memorial Day weekend. No luck there either, though I did find other tasty things there. That is a nice store.
So I looked up the Salumeria di Carlo on the web – they have a website now, not a lot of information but do have a website. I also discovered it was the Farmer’s Market that has the sausages, not the Saturday Market. I will try there another time.
I tried to hide the guitar to save for Christmas. No luck. Carl is taking it wherever he goes. He is even sleeping with it.
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  1. leslieaross says:

    The website appears to be gone… so sad..

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