Weigh In Results

My Weight Watchers meeting was last night. I was down .6 lbs to finally get my next 5 lbs! I have now lost 40.4 lbs – the goal is getting in site.
For some reason I was really tired at the meeting – he had a realy good theme of the meeting, I just don’t remember what it was. Pretty sad.
I am hoping the remaining ten pounds do not take as long as these last five. One thing that may help is making sure I get my activity points in every day. I haven’t been as diligent about that over the last few weeks. Blame the back and the shoulder. So I am going to work on getting all 4 activity points each day this week – as well as doing the correct eating.
I have been able to manage the pain in my upper back and shoulder. I’ve taking ibuprofen earlier (more like I would for a migraine) and using heat wraps. We also have one of the rolling massage chairs. I bought it back in my single days at a furniture store’s going out of business sale. It was the most popular chair in my house in Denver – I received many offers to take it so I wouldn’t have to move it to Portland. Are you kiding? That was the one piece of furniture that Rich and I agreed we would keep.  Anyway – using these techiques don’t totally get rid of the pain, soreness and stiffness, but they do keep me functional. I think it is time to visit the doctor.
I don’t remember if I posted this before – I found a 0 point tortilla. The rule for the 0 point is the same as bran cereal – it is 0 points if you only eat one. More during the day need to be counted. (I brought them in to my meeting and asked my leader.) The tortillas are by La Tortilla Factory. I bought the Whole Wheat, Low Carb/Low Fat Tortillas Original Flavor. I found them at New Seasons here in Portland.
I also discovered that a Weight Watchers meeting is a great place to give away extra garden produce. Naturally – this is all stuff the program promotes us eating.
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