Tomatoes Planted

I’m taking the list off the side and entering it into my blog – I do want to keep the record or else I will forget!
Tomatoes 2005
Black Plum      dark color plum size
Sugary Hybrid   cherry style
SuperSweet 100   cherry style
Sweeti      cherry style
Yellow Pear     cherry style
Beefsteak      huge red slicer
Kellogg’s Breakfast      huge orange
Juliet Hybrid (2)   large cherry – almost a plum or paste size
Polish Linguisa      paste style with a pointed tip
Early Girl Bush      determinate slicer that ripens quickly
San Marzano      paste style
Viva Italia (2)      paste style
Brandywine  get again    pink late ripening slicer
Peron (2)  get again   red late ripening slicer – very meaty
Roma (3)  get again   paste style – easy to slip skins when making sauce
Belgium  get again   red meaty slicer
Tomatoes 2006
Willamette  early ripening red meaty slicer get again
Yellow Brandwine  light orange later ripening slicer the best of our batch this year
Yellow Pear  cherry style
Lemon Boy yellow slicing tomato, lots of produce very good taste
Cheris Orange   cherry style with orange fruit very tiny very sweet
Brandywine still good
Isis Candy cherry style, very sweet, was told they would be orange but one bush is yellow the other orange and red striped, flavor a bit inconsistent
Paul Robison    dark in color slicer
Peron  still good ripened later than the brandywine
Romas  still good for sauce
Black Brandywine hasn’t ripened yet (planted late)
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  1. Kevin says:

    Hello! Got your comment…that\’s not a photo of him. Looks like they mixed up the Bob Wells profile because he wasn\’t in all of those movies. Randy does not have a listing because he hasn\’t done anything. Hehe.

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