A Passing

Our beloved television, JVC, died last night just as Rock Star: Supernova was starting.  So Rich hauled it down to the garage, I smelled burning and I told him I would rather it burned up his garage treasures. I brought our nanoTV – the receiver from our baby monitering system – into the bedroom. It is tiny and black and white. It also has to be manually tuned and doesn’t hook up to cable.
By the time I figured out how to get our CBS affiliate (tune it to the channel and hold it on my lap facing southeast) I got to see the end of Toby’s "Rebel Yell" and all of Dilana. Ok granted I could have gone downstairs and kicked Rich off the TV and watched it in the family room, but I am such a creature of habit I didn’t think of it… Man I am stuck in my ways.
Regarding Supernova – it is now to the point where I couldn’t pick who to go. The "Rockers" are all good. My first choice is for Storm because she is from Portland. I also really like Magni. Knowing my luck they will be the next two to go…
Since the TV was so small, Carl really couldn’t see the guitars – so no picking out the "bass tuitar" and "atustic tuitar."
We have recently expanded Carl’s musical horizons – Rich bought him package of two recorders at the dollar store. This has been a fun addition, though every now and then I think the noise they produce may make me crazy. I also went and bought a nicer one at Fred Meyer. I learned how to play in the 5th grade and the poor quality was making me crazy when I would try to play.
An upcoming plan is to go see a football game between the teams of Carl’s cousins: "Japop and Wogan." Jake and Logan’s teams are scrimaging each other. He is so excited he is telling everyone about it – including the saleswoman at Nordstroms. Fortunately they weren’t busy and she took the time to listen, which was nice.
In closing – RIP JVC – I guess I know for what to ask for my birthday in October…
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2 Responses to A Passing

  1. Tanya says:

    We have two in the garage that you are more than welcome to have 🙂

  2. Cherissa says:

    lol awwwe. I have seen bits and pieces of that show…really haven\’t had the time to sit and watch T.V. lately been working like crazy… why? lol I need the extra money and Im also helping people out. So I am drained!!!!
    I remember when in I learned to play the recorder… I think I was in fourth grade… then at a new school.
    The youngest I take care of is in third and gets to learn this year!
    She tried the violin for a while but never really stuck with it.
    lol while on the subj. of instruments I too have FINALLY picked up my guitar and have been (this is what I use my free 2 hour time doing) lol practicing like a nut…. my fingers aren\’t the prettiest at this moment!
    LOl well I went into a nice ramble! I hope you are doing great today!!!

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