Weigh In Results

Last night my Weight Watchers meeting experience was not a good one. If one or two of the problems had happened, I would have just rolled with it – I guess it is just the combination that really got on my nerves.
I have a routine on weigh in day. I eat as I regularly do up until noon – my lunch needs to be done by noon and I stop drinking after 2 (as best I can). This means no afternoon snack, which I usually eat. I then get a Taco Bell taco supreme (5 points) and eat that with water after my weigh in before the meeting. I am usually early to weigh in, so I have time for this little routine.
Rich showed up really late – I was walking out the door with Carl and had left him a note. I am ravinous and can’t get my taco. I grabbed some carrots and pepperoni and WW snacks and took off.  What really pissed me off is that he wasn’t sorry. I know he was just yacking away on BS – not work with someone.
The lines at Weigh in were long and I needed new paperwork (I am on week 27 and the charts are 26 weeks). So one of receptionist weighed me in instead of the instructor. They can’t seem to do it right. Plus she didn’t have journals out – so now I have to stop in today and get one.
My mother is there. I do not want to get into it about her but she REALLY makes things worse. ALWAYS.
So in trying to calm down about yesterday, I came to a few conclusions:
1. I am leaving in time to be at the proper time for my meeting. Rich gets to come to the meeting and get Carl.
2. Don’t try to talk to my mother when I am mad, she only makes me madder instead of helping.  
I go to these meetings for me to work on my weight loss.  I have to focus on that not my mom’s whining and other problems.
Ok that is off my chest. My weight loss is still plugging along – down 2.2 lbs to 147.2 lbs! I am getting close to my goal weight!
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2 Responses to Weigh In Results

  1. Cherissa says:

    Hello! I have been sooo busy! How are you doing??
    Congratulations on the weight loss… that’s a positive focus right!?!?! 🙂
    You’re doing great take it one day at a time 🙂

  2. Tanya says:

    Keep up the great work!  Sorry to hear that Rich was so late – every once in awhile the hubbies just need a smack (or two), hehehe.  Have a great night!

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