Scary event

Had a weird event happen last night. I woke about 3 AM with a start – I thought I heard the creak of someone stepping on our top step.
I jumped up with a start and went to check it out as Carl can escape from his crib now and I was afraid he was running around in the house.
I soon discovered he was sleeping on his fold out sofa at the foot of our bed (he had gone to sleep there – rough night) So I went to go see if there was anything wrong. I got to the front door and it was locked, but cracked open a tiny amount. I promptly close it and wake up Rich.
He and I check through the house – my purse was out and all fine, Carl’s bank was still there. What happened? I really do not know…
It took me quite a while to get back to sleep. That cats made some noise for a while too – my searching woke them. Carl slept through it all.
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One Response to Scary event

  1. Tanya says:

    I don\’t think I would have slept the rest of the night!  Yikes!!

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