Twisting by the pool

Our neighbors invited us over for a swim yesterday.  Rich was in the middle of a big project so I took Carl. I was able to see first hand how far he has gotten in his swimming skills. He also got comfortable with me taking him in the water.
The neighbors had a little life jacket that Carl could borrow. It was a girls that had been left there. It was a tank top with a life preserver sewn in. It was a cleaver little set up.
I took Carl’s new ball. He likes playing chase the ball in swimming class so I figured we could do that. He liked that for a while until he saw the Rocket – it was a torpedo that goes through the water and then the game is to dive for it on the bottom. Fortunately the pool isn’t deep so I was able to get it with my feet. Carl loved that game. He did pretty well kicking and moving around with the life preserver. He didn’t want me to get far away though.
He was very nervous about getting in the water at first. I don’t know if it was because he was with me or it was a new pool or both. Swimming and water are not a natural for him.
He was so cute in the little life preserver.
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One Response to Twisting by the pool

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like a great time – and the perfect day to do it! 

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