Weigh In Results

My weigh in went well on Thursday in that I was down .6 lbs. I know I should be happy, but my weight loss has really slowed down. It has over the last four weeks anyway.
At the Weight Watchers meeting two things stuck with me.
1. If you are feeling a little burnt out, try going back and rereading your first week literature. Remember the enthusiasm from the start of the program.
2. I didn’t get this big eating lots of vegetables.
Since I am now below 150 lbs, I am officially down to 20 points a day. I am rethinking my eating. Some of the things I could eat at 24 points I can’t eat on a regular basis if I want to really drop the weight. Planning in the milk and oil requirements are difficult too. I will admit I have been missing one of the milks and the oils more than once a week.
The other thing I need to rethink is my activies. I have slowed down a bit. There is a reason – my shoulder injury is acting up. This happened when Carl was just over a year – I fell carrying him and twisted to protect him – and landed bad on my shoulder. Pushing Carl in the stroller is difficult (but it is more difficult to chase him at the zoo.) So I need to do two things – get to the doctor and start some PT (hey those exercises will count as activity points!) and look for activities that don’t stress my left side as much.
 So though my shoulder and "lower" weight loss have me down, I know I am the one who needs to work to fix both of these issues. No one else knows how my body works as well as I do.
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