Even more Music

We had our next-to-the-last music class last night. Carl really enjoyed it again. The leader had a large drum for the children to beat on – they loved it. Carl was starting to get timing down – pretty good for 3. I have really enjoyed this class and will miss it on the break. The children are starting to interact with the other moms more too. Kyle kept handing me sticks (including trying to stick one in my mouth.) They also like to trade instruments with us during the songs.
Carl and I have still been watching Supernova – though he sometimes would rather play with his RC car with Daddy. Besides really like Jason Newsted on the "Bass Tuitar" he really liked Magni. I explained that about his baby visiting him and Carl also like the "Atustic Tuitar."
I am rooting for Storm – the Portland connection of course, though I think most of who are left will be great.  Carl may have been predicting last night – when Dilana sang with Supernova, Carl said, "There is Supernova."
I recently gave Carl a harmonica. This has been fun. I thought I might have just written myself a ticket to shot nerves, but it isn’t so bad. Instead, Carl is experimenting with the sounds then brings me the harmonica and the song book and wants me to play something. So far all I can pick out is "amazing grace" and I think that was luck. I am going to work on "Old Macdonald" next. Did you know that can be played on all black keys on the piano? I am a dork to know that one…
Ok I just spent time looking it up – I couldn’t remember whether to use "a" or "an" with harmonica. So I looked it up – found something on this site:
I am a dork.
Tonight is Weight Watchers weigh in. Though I am close to reaching my goal, I never want to get my hopes up. I still have these fears that I am going to put on weight and it won’t stop and that nothing I do can stop it. Even though I know I can’t put all this weight back on in one week – I am afraid it is going to happen over several weeks. I guess some bad voices from my past are coming back….
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