Potlucks and eating out

We attended a party at a coworker’s of Rich this weekend. It was a potluck and they grilled. I took my standard fare – fruit salad, tomato based salad. This time I added some humus and low fat sesame crackers. The fruit salad had blackberries, plums and blueberries from our yard – as well as some store-bought fruit too. I sliced up our tomatos (lemon boy, brandywine, willamette) with some cucumber sprinkled with salt, pepper and lemon basil and added some of the Newman’s Ginger dressing. I also took a portabello mushroom marinaded with some fat free balsamic dressing and one teaspoon of olive oil.
Theoretically I should have dones well. Since I had this healthy food, I thought I would have a glass of wine – after two bottles of water. They had some Cooper Mountain Chardonnay. It was great – I don’t drink white wines very often, but this was a really good one.
There were lots of interesting things at the potluck. I am not tempted by the cream or mayonaise based salads. However, one coworker brought Pad Thai. It was GOOD Pad Thai – better than at many resturants. I ate two servings – with the peanuts. I don’t have her recipe yet, but I found one online:
Someone also brought cookies from Beaverton Bakery – they were little, but I really couldn’t help myself. Someone also brought homemade chocolate chip cookies. I was doomed.
When I got home I added up everything – the Pad Thai surprised me how many points that took. It was probably the peanuts. Oh well I learned something new. I used over half my weekly extra points in one day. It is more than I wanted to eat, but it isn’t irreparable. Even if I gain, I am not going to put 37 lbs back on this week.
Friday was a fun day. My nephew David was is town, staying with my dad. Dad, David, Carl and I went to the zoo on Friday. We ate up at the Cascade Grill – which has the best food in the zoo. Yes, the eateries serve different things.
We then went over to Moms so David, Mom and Grandma could see each other. Dad got a call from his wife that something was wrong with the construction at his house (they were having a heat pump installed.) So I said I would bring David back later tonight.
Another detail in this little story is Rich (hubby) rode his bike to work for the first time in years. I was a bit apprehensive as a neighbor of mom’s recently died in a bike/car accident. I called Rich later in the day to let him know we were taking David up to Dad’s. I called him an hour later saying we were going out to dinner and to come over to moms and we would go out. I had to leave messages at home and at the office for this. He never called and never showed up. I was calling the house more and more frequently. I also left a much more concerned message telling him what was going on and to call the cell phones and left the numbers. Finally we decided Mom would take David, Carl, and Grandma over to the resturant and I would go look for Rich. I was so distracted I missed my exit off the highway. I get home and there is my husband. He had gotten home and fallen asleep on the porch swing. He also deleted the message and then realized he didn’t know the cell phone numbers. I am married to a nerd.
So we met them at Newport Bay – a small chain that has expanded beyond Oregon in recent years. I ordered a shrimp sandwich.
We gave Rich grief until we were bored with it and then took David up to Dad’s house.
Saturday was Rich’s birthday also. Mom took Carl on Sunday and we went out for dinner at Red Lobster. It is the most Weight Watchers friendly place. The website has a great planning page that allows you to figure out points ahead of time – plus they are listed in the WW supplemental book.
It is a helpful tool. The other places Newport Bay, Cascade Grill, and Cheesecake Factory do not list any information. Dotti’s website:
lists a number of restaurants, but the Cheesecake Factory sent her a letter stating that they refuse to give out nutritional information.
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