Blowing the Diet on Birthdays

With the many birthday celebrations, I really blew it last night. Ok it was yesterday.
It all started innocently enough. I planned ahead – I was going to Moms so I pack stuff to make a lunch. It was low enough points to be able to get a nice dinner that evening. We were all going to McCormick and Schmick’s. We went to the OLD one – the one that has been here since I was a girl.
My brother then walks in the door. No, we do not have issues that cause me to run to the cookie jar (plus the only ones at Moms now are store bought – not a temptation.) He walked into the house with his arms full from the Brown and Haley shop. Grandma at 96 has a bit of sweet tooth. Considering she is so tiny, we try to get her to eat ANYTHING. So he stopped for some of their wonderful chocolates. I found another thing I have trouble resisting.
I went home to get ready for dinner. I decided I wanted to put on a dress. I have a few dresses that I can get back into – from my prepregnancy days. So I wore my "Sunset" dress. It is a dress that was part of a three piece set I bought in Denver. The color made me think of the darkest red in a sunset which is why I call it my "Sunset" dress. If you compare it to crayons – I think Brick Red is the closest color.
So we went to dinner at McCormick’s. The food and service were great. The accoustics in the building were bad-Mom and Grandma couldn’t really hear anything said at the table. I was very proud of Carl. He was very well behaved and only spilled a little water (just a dribble – not a knock-the-glass-over-soaking-everyone spill.) He ate about half his meal: fried shrimp and french fries. He calls the fried shrimp "Sushi" as this is what he eats when we go out for sushi at I did take him for a walk after he was done eating so everyone else could finish up.
They then brought out desserts for the birthday boys (my husband and son) which I naturally help eat.
What is it about the birthday’s that cause me to overeat? I really downed the chocolate cake with chocolate icing at Dads on Saturday too. It was all different things on the three birthday celebration days – potato chips, cake and chocolates. It could be that I haven’t done a weekly good chocolate treat in a while – maybe I need to add those back in the diet. Maybe the chocolate/peanut butter bars by WW aren’t cutting it anymore. Oh well – time to work on the weight recovery for weigh in.
Birthday Birthday Oh What Fun
Birthday Birthday had another one
Birthday Birthday on come along
Join us and sing a little birthday song
Cake and ice cream started the second verse but I can’t remember the rest of the song or where for sure it came from. I think it was a Disney Winnie the Pooh song though.
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