Birthday Tales

The first of the Third Birthday Parties was fun. We went to Mom and Grandmas house. We took over dinner and the cake since mom had to work that day.
Before mom went to work she called and wanted to know what I was planning for dinner and to give her approval. I made up something and she was happy with it.
We then went to the store. I sent Rich to pick out some meat for dinner – saying that fish or shellfish would be nice. Carl and I went to pick out a cake (it was too late to order something). He picked out the cake he wanted. They wrote Carls name on it and added some "Cars" characters to it. He had earlier said he wanted stars on his cake. I found some star candles there (Albertson’s).
I picked up the fruit, vegetables and some wild rice mix (Zatarain’s) for the meal and to make a dish for Sunday’s potluck. Rich comes back with some ready to cook ribs; not very WW friendly and not exactly seafood. He also buys potato chips on the way out.
The potato chips were the start of a very bad bad weekend for me – dietwise. Oh well I know I didn’t gain back 35 lbs and today I will start again on program.
I made a fruit salad and stuffed tomatoes for dinner ahead of time. At mom’s I made the wild rice and zucchini in mustard sauce. We also took over a bottle of Archery Summit Pinot Noir Looney Estate (funny name, great wine).
For the stuffed tomatoes, I used lemon basil, lime basil and pineapple sage instead of cilantro and fresh lime. I also salted the hollowed out tomatoes before I filled them.
For the zucchini, I used the mustard sauce recipe I had made with the pork tenderloin. Mom had a basil mustard that sounded really good. Unfortunately, her balsamic vinegar was REALLY strong and overpowered the sauce – I added lots more mustard and lemon, but it never balanced.
After dinner, we were finishing our glasses of wine, Carl left the room and was really quite. We went to check on him and he had unwrapped one of his presents – the Engine Wash for his Thomas set. So we went to open presents. His grandma and grandpa in Reno sent him some metal Tonkas that they found in their searches of garage sales, rummage sales and second hand stores. He was so excited when he saw them he shouted "Oh Boy" and "Boy oh Boy." The hit of the gifts was from my grandma (Carl’s great grandma). It is a rocket that he steps on the launcher to launch in the air. He was thrilled with that one and had to sleep with it that night.
We then went to have cake. While I was taking a picture of it, Carl stuck his finger in it. We stopped him and he was so crushed he ran under the dining room table and cried. Once the trauma was over, he blew out his star candles in three tries and we all had cake.
The next day was our neighbor, Tanya’s graduation party. Her website is:
They had a pot luck. I took more fruit salad. I was going to make more stuffed tomatos, but was out of time. So I sliced some tomatoes and home-grown cucumbers added some lime basil, salt, pepper and Newman’s Own low fat Sesame Ginger salad dressing. Rich took the tomatoes over first, while I finished the fruit salad. I was maybe 5 minutes behind Rich – and the tomatoes were 3/4 gone! Everyone wanted to know what I did – it was so good!
Later in the evening Mike got out his acoustic guitar. Carl wouldn’t say anything, but wouldn’t take his eyes off the guitar. I held one with Carl and tried to get him to strum, but he was too shy. Their kitty Gunga finally got Carl to talk and laugh. Rich then came out and he and Mike did guy stuff to get Carl laughing.
Next weekend is birthday at my dad’s house – I am getting a cake ordered on time this time.
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One Response to Birthday Tales

  1. Tanya says:

    Sounds like Carl enjoyed all of his gifts and that he had a great birthday!

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