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Tomatoes Planted

I’m taking the list off the side and entering it into my blog – I do want to keep the record or else I will forget!   Tomatoes 2005  Black Plum      dark color plum sizeSugary Hybrid   cherry styleSuperSweet 100   cherry … Continue reading

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A Passing

Our beloved television, JVC, died last night just as Rock Star: Supernova was starting.  So Rich hauled it down to the garage, I smelled burning and I told him I would rather it burned up his garage treasures. I brought our … Continue reading

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Ideas for Using Flaxseed Oil

I bought some flaxseed oil from New Seasons. Since I need 2 teaspoons of good oil a day on the Weight Watchers program and I would like to lower my cholesteral, I thought Flaxseed Oil would help.   I bought … Continue reading

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Book versus movie

I watched "Pride and Prejudice" this weekend – the Keira Knightly version. I was prepaired to hate it – I figured how could they fit that wonderful novel into a movie? I loved it. Though some of the character development … Continue reading

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Weigh In Results

Last night my Weight Watchers meeting experience was not a good one. If one or two of the problems had happened, I would have just rolled with it – I guess it is just the combination that really got on … Continue reading

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Scary event

Had a weird event happen last night. I woke about 3 AM with a start – I thought I heard the creak of someone stepping on our top step.   I jumped up with a start and went to check … Continue reading

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More Gazpacho

Since my gazpacho nearing fried my mom’s mouth (she can’t take much hot pepper) we made another batch. This one was mild but very good flavor:   4 cups cold Kagome tomato juice (found it at New Seasons) 1 small … Continue reading

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