Another Near Miss

I have an awesome guardian angel. Yesterday I was late getting to the zoo for my walk with my son. When I arrived there was tape around the center section of the lot. I just went to my normal parking area where I then saw many police cars, a fire truck and an empty stroller. I said a little prayer that no one was hurt, and went about my walk.
That night on the news I found out the story:
A man tried to grab a woman and her two toddlers.
My first response was to say a prayer of thanks that I was running late this morning. There really wasn’t one event that made us run late, it was just a dwadly morning.
My second response is fury at this man. How dare he?! He tried to hurt someone very much like me – out for a walk with a little child.
This event did teach me to be more aware. Look at people in the parking lot and to offer a hand to the other moms if the opportunity warrants. That useless piece of biological material is not taking away something we enjoy.
 My car broke down yesterday. It has been making noises, that I have asked my husband to check out (for MONTHS now). I was at mom’s about to take Carl to music class and it wouldn’t start. I called Mom – she was on her way home. She got us to class about halfway through. Rich came over to Mom’s and got my car running enough to get it home.
The problems aren’t much, but if they were taken care of WHEN I ASKED – they would have been nothing.
So today is home-bound events.
Tonight is weigh-in. If I am still on the trend, I will be up a little bit. Hopefully I have broken this trend. If not, I am telling myself not to be discouraged. It’s not like I will have gained back the 35 lbs.
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3 Responses to Another Near Miss

  1. Tanya says:

    I\’m sure the weigh-in will go fine.  You\’re doing such a great job at the weight loss!  Thank goodness you were running late yesterday – that\’s horrible about what happened.  It\’s amazing how brazen someone is to try to take someone in broad daylight!  Have a great day, enjoy the cool weather – I know I am!  ~Tanya
    PS-Tag Carl, you\’re it.  You\’ll have to check out my site to see what I\’m talking about 🙂

  2. bondurant_m says:

    I understand how you feel. Just a few weeks ago our car was nearly rear-ended…with my son and nephew in the back seat. The other car was able to swerve out of the way and by the time they skidded to a stop they were even with the back doors!!!
      It just makes me thankful we are being watched over!
    Also, I completely sympathize with you about the car! I\’ve been in the same situation many times and it can be soo frustrating. I hope it all gets fixed soon.

  3. Cherissa says:

    Thank God you are fine… things like that are like small wake up calls…. Very scary!

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